The image related projects have been moved out of the Piston organization. We are excited to continue the work on image processing under the new group, image-rs. The project remains as much in the hands of the community as before but freed from the strong ties to the game engine. We’ll have two groups of contributors:

  • Members, without write access to source code repositories. Get your membership today. This helps you stay subscribed and shows us and everyone else your interest in the project. Everyone has access to the blog and webpage nonetheless, regardless of code contributions. Did you use the image project in the center of your own application? Can you teach other members about color spaces? Know some algorithmic tricks used in other libraries or other languages? Such content would fit perfectly while being a valuable addition to the cause.
  • Collaborators are those who have contributed code, to any repository under its belt. We’ll invite you after an accepted PR or major help to the process of integrating code in any other way. This split is mostly intended to provide users of the image-rs crates with confidence in the integrity of the source code.

This post is also meant as a call to the community for collaboration, old and new. As part of the split and change in leadership, we also try to adapt the processes within the organization. Now is the chance to define a new and do some spring cleaning, and you can help. The new concept is similar to Rust’s own but even less formal (for now, as we are smaller). We’ll collectively define an overall yearly vision to help with decisions in the face of uncertainty. But we don’t (yet?) have a need for a separate RFC repository and it seems as larger scale changes still fit into issue threads.

Simply put, hello and welcome!