Emulsion is a fast and minimalistic image viewer that runs on modern graphic interfaces and uses image for file loading. Since the release of 4.0 it also supports viewing animated PNGs (APNG). This is enabled by the new Apng interface added in release 0.23.6 of image. You can find more information and the newest releases here:

Website Crates.io Command
emulsion-icon crates.io cargo install emulsion
crates.io image = "0.23.6"

Another piece of news is that png has now been fuzzed on 32-bit architectures, specifically the i686-unknown-linux-gnu target. This revealed a few nasty edge cases of integer overflows subverting size and limit checks but nothing too spectacular or unsound. These are now dealt with more rigorously by doing checked arithmetic in advance with the full precision of u64 as well as by using Rust’s TryFrom trait to convert the dimensions from the untrusted file input to the platform native size type usize, which explicitly returns errors in case of overflows.